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Grass Fed Meat

Here at Atlas Meat Co., we're dedicated to providing customers with a true farm-to-table experience. Our cattle are bred for quality and receive a natural forage diet throughout their lives. We work with the environment and not against it, and we allow our cattle to live life as nature intended.

Our organic meat is verified by the American Grassfed Association, an organization committed to upholding high standards in the meat packing industry. We adhere to cattle raising and slaughter practices that are healthy for the planet and the consumer.

When you purchase packaged meat from a small farm, you're helping to restore natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats. This reduces reliance on chemicals, improves local soil and even reduces greenhouse gases. Best of all, you're providing your family with nutritious meat that is full of essential fatty acids.

Look for the real deal when choosing beef products for your family. Purchase organic beef from Atlas Meat Co. and do something healthy for yourself and the planet.